Podcast and You.

Podcasts are a great way to actively listen to topics that interest us. They allow us to become a part of what we’re listening to and trigger us to listen, pay attention, and then use our imagination to form pictures of the story.

Podcasts stimulate different parts of the brain, forcing us to actually listen. There are many “free apps” available to listen to podcast, including Spotify, Google podcast, Amazon music, Stitcher, Player FM, Castbox, Pocket casts, and YouTube.

How to Listen to a Podcast.

1. Download the audio file or stream it through a podcast app. (Downloading makes it available when offline.)


2. Use a Podcast listening app and platforms like Audible, Apple podcast, Spotify, Google podcast and more.


3. Search for podcasts on search engines, podcast hosting sites and social media.

* Certainly, listening to a podcast is a fantastic way to learn, be entertained and stay informed.

Below are methods for enjoying a podcast.


IPHONE/IPAD- If you have an apple device, you already have a built-in podcast called “Podcasts” It’s a purple button and user-friendly. You can explore various shows, subscribe and download episodes directly from the app.

ANDROID – Most android devices come with apps like Spotify, Pandora, Tunein, and Iheartradio, which can be used to listen to podcasts. Some newer devices even have Google podcast. If you don’t have that on your device, you can download a podcast app from your device’s app store. (Search for terms like podcast or pod-catcher.)

DESKTOP OPTIONS-iTunes for MacOS and Windows users. iTunes offer an extensive podcast catalog. You can download and listen offline.

WEB BASED Players- Some podcast websites allow you to listen directly from your laptop/desktop using a web-based player. However, they are less common than mobile apps.

* Remember podcasts are pre-recorded audio shows, sometimes video shows. They cover a wide range of topics from true crime and history to comedy and self-improvement. Find what interest you, hit play and embark on an exciting audio journey.

** Hopefully this is a helpful post for everyone and prepares you for when NWCA Media Coordinator posts some podcasts.

Post in the comments any opinions, suggestions and what app you use to listen to podcast.

P.S. The video is really helpful.

Believe In Yourself,

Colleen Strong

NWCA National Media Coordinator

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